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JIMIDI Communications: Mission Statement

JIMIDI Communications is in the business of providing strategic marketing solutions for management and media communications. We provide high quality creative production services for the promotional and marketing needs of business communicators. We offer our expertise and leverage technologies in an effort to:
  • Discover measurable customer satisfaction,
  • Define sustainable growth, and superior performance
  • Seek unique innovations from your focused analyses
  • Deliver added value toward client-oriented growth
  • Monitor the integrity of your defined objectives
Our creative expertise includes audio & video production, computer graphics, and eLearning, interactive & presentation services.

JIMIDI Communications: Vision Statement

Strategic planning, targeted marketing, and fiscal responsibility are key components that represent the foundation and value structure for internal and external organizational goals at JIMIDI Communications. Additionally, in recognizing the importance of measurable management solutions, we believe our business practices will work well with the creative frameworks and techniques that lead toward producing a sustainable client-centered organizational model.

We envision an organization that incorporates competence in multimedia, audio, and visual production services under one roof. In the next five years, our objectives include continued expansion into business management consulting; the development and distribution of recorded audio/video/multimedia products; and strategic innovation services for the Internet, client productions, and ‘traditional’ business systems deliverables.

Proofreading & Editorial Services

We can help you look good: in print, on the web, annual reports, presentations, across your website, and through just about any communication effort where you could benefit from an objective review, professional editor and/or dynamic copywriter for your research, informational, marketing, training and sales collateral materials. Whether your project is short form informational or long form corporate, training, or educational offerings, we offer professional assistance for your written communications.

Strategic Research Consulting

We appreciate and recognize that your hard work produces results. PERC Analytics is a management and organizational development initiative involving high-quality organizational and management analyses designed to focus on key internal and external relationships, changes, transitions, transformations & competitive branding challenges. Our efforts help you align the dynamic and transitioning challenges with your strategic strengths, objectives, and predictable milestones.

Music & UltraMedia Production Services

The most contemporary aspects of today's communication challenges comes from a 'dream-like' pallette of many imaginative and digital constructs. Musical compositions and computer graphics have come to be consider as much a part of the value proposition as the brand each is designed to enunciate. While envisioning a renewed spirit for the many dynamic and creative avenues we may come to know and love, long live the toys that brings a warm feeling and smile to our special messages.

Photographic & Visual Production Services

Sometimes the simplest message can best benefit from the natural beauty of this world's most subtle and sensuous pleasures. Careful attention to the visual and physical collaborations can speak volumes while inviting us to explore the exciting atmospheres that are captured and created for silent escapade. Okay some projects are far from exotic, but we still need to take time to believe in possibilities...

Web Design, Development & Programming

The simplest offer on the Internet could have quickly become overwhelming without the systematic evaluation of the many tasks and tools required and decisions on those made available through recent and evolving technologies. We complement your team in an effort to discover the key strategic factors that uniquely define your core competencies and sustainable advantages. Then collectively we can determine the specific direction, measurable criteria, realistic results, and implementation timetables that will drive the user experience we prepare for the targeted audience.